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Thought of the Week 06/19/17

Summer is knocking, which brings memories of the summer reading lists More...

Personal Development Series


The Informal 360

Most performance reviews are limited to feedback between a supervisor and an employee.  While this type of feedback is crucial for job success, feedback provided by a variety of people can be helpful for an employee's overall development.

The attached article introduces the informal 360 as a valuable tool for professional self-assessment and growth.

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Being a Social Media Role Model for Your Children

Like it or not, how people use social media can influence how others perceive them and their behavior.  Thus, parents should be aware that their online behavior sends a strong message as to what is appropriate and inappropriate for their children to be doing online.

The attached article reviews opportunities for parents to model productive social media behaviors for their children.

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Making an Effective Handoff

An effective handoff is more than just transferring a task to a new owner.  It also includes transferring the appropriate amount of information related to the task.  This transfer of information will provide the new owner with the understanding he/she needs to do the task efficiently and effectively.

The attached article outlines the things that make a handoff between colleagues most effective.

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Productive Passion

When it comes to social issues, we often find ourselves on one “side” or another, albeit to varying degrees of conviction.  

The attached article identifies some of the forms that strong opinions and emotions can take, as well as the effects they can have.    

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