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Optima EAP Informational Video

Serving organizations for over 30 years, Optima Health has delivered the EAP model of intervention and resolution with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. More...

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 12 million More...

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Thought of the Week 10/14/19

Educating the mind without educating the heart More...

Personal Development Series


Recovering from Conflicts in the Workplace

Conflicts in the work environment are normal--and so, conflict management skills are essential for any employee.  The ability to recover from conflict is also critical for long-term success and professional satisfaction.

The attached article provides tips for moving beyond a conflict and creating or re-establishing a working relationship.

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2Q19 Information Bulletin

Personal Rest Stops

Rest plays an important role in building strength and endurance.  When we don't take the downtime we need, take a break or stop to rest, stress and imbalance can take over.

The attached article reviews the many benefits that rest can offer.

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1Q19 Information Bulletin

Success-Oriented Thinking

Imagine having no back-up strategy and being expected to succeed the first-time around.  How would you approach the situation differently?

The attached article explores ways to adopt success-oriented thinking.

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Refill Your Energy Tank

Life is a constant exchange of energy.  It's important to maintain a certain amount of emotional energy to run efficiently and to engage in meaningful actions and relationships.

The attached article explores where our energy goes and what we can do to save our energy.

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Featured Topics
Economic Stress. Unexpected economic stress has an impact on everyone, but people suffering from depression or other mental health issues are especially vulnerable. Psychological research points to some good news, however. Healthy coping strategies, clear communication, and social support during a job search can help soften the blow and even contribute to growth in the long run. More...
Emotional Resilience. This topic center surveys Emotional Resilience: that collection of skills, characteristics, habits and outlooks that make it possible to remain maximally flexible and fresh in the face of stress. More...
Employee Work Performance Toolbox. Tools to support employee goals. Topics include: managing stress in the workplace, creative problem solving, conflict management and resolution, and finding work-life balance. More...
Family & Relationship Issues. Family and personal relationships and friendships can be very difficult to handle. We've gathered resources to help you learn about and better manage relationship problems you may be experiencing. More...
Stress Reduction and Management. A comprehensive overview of how to reduce stress. We cover the nature of stress, and the many different methods people can use to reduce and manage their stress. More...
Wellness and Personal Development. Wellness is a broad topic that includes disease prevention, stress reduction, and even personal, social and spiritual growth. Until quite recently, very little attention was ever paid to helping people who are not ill, disordered or diseased in some way learn how to further enhance the quality of their lives, or prevent the onset of future illness. More...
Workplace and Career Issues. Tips and information about setting up working environments that foster teamwork, creativity, and open communication. More...

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When Tragedy Strikes- Virginia Beach
In response to the recent events in the City of Virginia Beach, click here for resources to support you, your family and colleagues. More...

Making the Transition from Peer to Boss
A promotion brings great opportunity, as well as complexity if it means you are now the boss of individuals with whom you were previously a peer. More...

Optima EAP Employee Orientation
An overview of how Optima EAP works, and how you and your family can use it to remain happy, healthy and productive. Enjoy the information and reap the benefits of Optima EAP. More...